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Welcome to the Samford District Historical Museum . . .

A visit to the Samford Museum is a must for locals and people visiting the region. It showcases a large variety of objects, displays and stories from the district's past.

There is so much to see. You can comfortably walk through the entire museum in an hour or you can immerse yourself in the details and spend a whole day.

You will learn how the early settlers to the area farmed the land, constructed fences & homes and built the foundation of the community we have today.

You can explore life before motorised transport with our displays of horse & carts, old time tractors and farm machinery.

See the blacksmith at work (on the first Sunday of each month) and learn the important role he played in the community.

Come and sit in our replica 1872 Samford School, with slab walls and shingle roof, precisely built to the original plans.


Walk through the War Time Memories display, in the original Grovely train station building. It shows dioramas of how our local lads went to war, their uniforms and memorabilia.

The museum’s volunteers have a wealth of knowledge and are eager to pass it on. You can research the history of your local district or family. We have maps of the area dating back to 1864 and a vast array of photos, documents and local history publications.

We look forward to seeing you at the museum soon.

"This is an amazing place to visit. It is engaging and interesting for adults and children and a great way to step back in time . . . to the way Samford was . . ."

Kate Carlson

Before computers
Milk Bottles
Ferny Grove Train Station
Samford Garage
Old Tractor
Horse & Sulky
Hay baler
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