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Samford Bora Ring


Bora Ring

Below are sources where information on the Samford Bora Grounds [Ring] can be accessed.

At the Samford Museum, 21 Station Street Samford.

Museum's collection.

  • Tom Petrie's Reminiscences of S.E. Queensland.

  • "Tracks and Times" , published by Pine Rivers Shire Council 1988.

  • "Pioneering the Pine" by Leith F. Barter, published by Pine Rivers Shire Council 2005.

  • Samford Reminiscences published by Samford Historical Museum Soc. Inc.

    • Volume I published 1984 [Yellow cover] p 3. .

    • Volume II published 1986 [Blue cover] p 35.

    • Volume III published 1995 [Green cover] p 44.

    • Volume IV Pictorial published 1999 [cream cover] p4-9.

    • Volume VI published 2014 [Orange cover] p 119.


  • Additional files and photos held at Samford Museum.

Museum Opening Hours:
Wednesday 10am - 4pm

Sunday 10am - 4pm

Comprehensive information on the advent of the preservation
of the Samford Bora Ring was assembled by Dr Elizabeth Nesta Marks

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