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Celebrating the Centenary of the First Train into Samford.

The arrival of the first train to Samford on 1st July 1918 was the catalyst for the establishment of the early village of Samford.

You are invited to a special event at

The Samford Historical Museum

on Sunday 1st July 2018 from 10am to 4pm

11am: QLD Rail Historian Greg Hallam will speak on the history of the rail line to Samford

1pm: Walk the Samford Village Heritage Trail

. . . with talks at the Bakery, Hotel, Farmers Hall, Butcher Shop,

Samford Garage and the site of Weise's Shop (Hamburger Shop)

All Day Displays

Railway story boards by Greg Hallam, QLD Rail Historian

Railway to Samford newspaper articles and photo displays

Samford Railway Station and Goods Yard photos

Photos of early and changing Samford businesses

Early and through-the-years Samford Village scenes

Samford Reminiscences

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