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"Joined my son on his school excursion to the Museum today. What a fabulous place!! So much to see - beautifully displayed and lovingly presented. All the volunteers were knowledgeable and friendly and gave the kids a great experience. As a Samford resident I had never been ... will definitely be back with the rest of the family. Thanks for a great day!" Tracey Morgan via Facebook

The Samford Museum offers education programs for schools groups to show what life was like before cars, electricity, computers and mobile phones.

Students will be able to write on traditional slates in our replica 1872 school house. Watch the blacksmith at work and peg out washing from the copper. See the mews with horse, carts and harnesses. Talk on the party line with old phones and much more.

A fun, interactive and educational day for children of all ages.


Please contact Geoff Harris

for content information and bookings on 0417 610 983

or fill out the contact form below

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The Blacksmith
Working with wood
Replica 1872 classrom.
Milk Deliveries
Washing Day
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